Cm error while updating java lang nullpointerexception

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v Center Operations Manager 5.8 supports the following browsers: VMware v Center Operations Manager version 5.8 is available as a standalone executable or as a v App that you deploy with the v Sphere Client.You can install and upgrade the standalone version of v Center Operations Manager 5.8 on the following operating systems: For system requirements, installation instructions, and configuration options for the standalone version, see the VMware v Center Operations Manager Installation and Configuration Guide for Windows and Linux. SSLSocket Impl.connect(SSLSocket ~[? Https Client.<init>(Https ~[?

Possibly unrelated, but when I look at the remote, I see a "tag-looking" branch in refs/heads referring to the tag I was pushing: $ git ls-remote origin |grep -C4 BL/3[.]3 d850069a278d2e3bd1b651564c9283095ad427a6 refs/heads/BRANCH 76152cff3a3904837ccd2bc00c525d2c844cf1d4 refs/heads/BRANCH^ $ git ls-remote origin |grep d850069a278d2e3bd1b651564c9283095ad427a6 d850069a278d2e3bd1b651564c9283095ad427a6 refs/heads/BRANCH d850069a278d2e3bd1b651564c9283095ad427a6 refs/tags/some-tag Maybe I should have dereferenced my tag before pushing it to Gerrit. Multi Progress Monitor : Multi Progress Monitor worker did not call end() before returning [2014-02-25 ,947] WARN Future Task$Sync.inner Get(Future at concurrent. Future Task.get(Future at Work Queue$Task.get(Work at Multi Progress For(Multi Progress at

Abstract Delegate Https URLConnection.connect(Abstract Delegate Https ~[? Http Input Stream0(Http ~[? Minecraft Version Manager.refresh Versions(Minecraft Version ~[launcher.jar:1.6.11] at net.minecraft.launcher. Yggdrasil User In(Yggdrasil User ~[launcher.jar:1.6.11] at net.minecraft.launcher.

Http Input Stream(Http ~[? Version List.refresh Versions(Version ~[launcher.jar:1.6.11] at net.minecraft.launcher.updater. Yggdrasil User In With Token(Yggdrasil User ~[launcher.jar:1.6.11] at com.mojang.authlib.yggdrasil.

Affected Version: 2.6.1 I'm not sure if I can reproduce this.

I was pushing several projects' tags to be the new tips of existing branches: git submodule foreach 'git push origin some-tag:refs/heads/BRANCH' On the last of these (about 12 total) I received this error: remote: error: internal error while processing changes

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