Disaster movie im dating matt damon lyrics

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Disaster movie im dating matt damon lyrics

Instead of being aggressively faux-adult, it’s happily faux-childlike. That’s why Boxxy became a meme — because she DIDN’T want the attention; because she provided no pics (as the /b/tards will attest). » And like um and so then ahh there was another one where I was like, "Mmm, " and um I don’t have any eyeliner on, which you edited a couple of different times. So we convert it to a narrative, a story, yes like a movie and yes like 9/11, to which the answer is always 100% the same: punishment for guilt. Gwyneth is Patient Zero, she is the cause of the outbreak, and if this was an ordinary movie about ordinary sin her backstory would be enough, it says, "this is a story about individual guilt." Oh, look: her lover was the very first person to die in Chicago.But it's a "subtle" political piece like the kinds played on TV all day on 9/11/2011, in which the Towers fell not because terrorists flew planes into them but because of America's incessant meddling in the Middle East; the same meddling which, educated people all know, had nothing to do with the Arab Spring at all.Cold Mountain This well-crafted adaptation of Charles Frazier’s prize-winning novel has been given a kind of chilled beauty by director Anthony Minghella.Excellent scenery, a haunting score, and fine performances by the leads, but as a Civil War romance that aspires to the epic status of Homer’s “Odyssey”, the film doesn’t entirely escape battle fatigue.

Laughs of a less offensive nature ensue when one brother wants to move to Hollywood to become an actor and find true love.

Veep star Julia Louis-Dreyfus made an appearance at last week’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner, and in this episode, her character performs at a similar orgy of self-congratulation.

The gaffe-prone vice president is a hit at the event, but it’s a rule on this show that any win for Selina Meyer has to backfire on her.

The Day After Tomorrow Doomsday science fiction – emphasis on fiction – about how global warming brings on a new Ice Age (mostly in America).

Bad in a way only 150-million dollar movies can be bad, this CGI-riddled flick provides a more glib than cautionary look at large-scale environmental disaster – but as long as you’re prepared to laugh, go ahead and break out the popcorn and have a good time.

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I’m not postpubescent (over 25), I have a girlfriend, and I don’t fantasize about her. But umm, let’s see here ahh, soo, I had a lot of replies from like my videos. Um, because I stopped wearing it, because it’s a really big pain the butt to apply every single morning. • El Risitas • I'm Fucking Matt Damon • Immolate Improved!