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go ahead with your bad self Bre Bree Major Knuckles: Dawn is hella fine but that pic does her no justice.. Her skin looks nice and smooth tho ok--seeing "New York" and Kyla Pratt in succession is wrong. I would ravage her sweet sweet landing strip from night to dawn, lol. It's like a Public Service Announcement on Before and after. Drew Sidora's reps at ASA Public Relations just confirmed to us that she is indeed dating Trey Songz. YBF correspondents are covering the BET Awards red carpet, show, and parties tonight. I’m tired of seeing those back spandex at the side of my eye I was thinking the exact same thing!! Tia & Cory Hardrict Race To The Finish Line To Celebrate Cree’s 6th Birthday » GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN!

He’s pressing her to admit she had an abortion, the possible cause of the couple’s fertility issues.

I don’t mean that Tuesday’s episode was a bust — I loved it — but the cameos by ex-boyfriends and name dropping of ex-jump offs gave the episode a nostalgic flavor.

Ghosts from the main characters’ past, particularly seasons one through three, found relevance once again.

Later that day the couple goes shopping for a birthday party for DJ, Derwin’s son, when they run into Trey Wiggs (Melanie’s season one love interest), who’s a happily married dad.

After Derwin mentions that he’s also a father, Trey Wiggs congratulates Melanie on motherhood.

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He was charged with "possession of a firearm, possession of a handgun without a permit, possession of a controlled dangerous substance and possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance within 1,000 feet of a school." If you want a breakdown of what Juelz had, cops say they found two loaded 9mm handguns in the studio, along with 17 small bags of marijuana.