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The results confirm that the Barataria Bay dolphins are decades away from recovery, said Lori Schwacke, lead author on the paper and a wildlife epidemiologist and research statistician with NOAA's Hollings Research Laboratory in Charleston, S. She has been that agency's lead investigator for dolphins since the BP disaster."Given what we're seeing now in these animals that were there when the oil spill happened, that were exposed to (BP Deepwater Horizon) oil, it would take several decades for this population to recover to normal," Schwacke said.3) by a team of scientists including marine mammal experts with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's National Marine Fisheries Service and a variety of marine centers and veterinary hospitals around the United States.

Although there is no sign of the baby, the adventure park has suggested this could be the "calm before the storm".And the survival rate through July 2015 for adult dolphins that were given health assessments in the bay in 2011 is 10 percent lower than found in two studies of dolphins in un-oiled Sarasota Bay, Fla.Those are key findings from a study released Tuesday (Nov.Depending on the time and the weather, the giant pandas have a choice to be outside or inside the panda house.The pandas typically have outdoor access until early afternoon.

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