Slovakian dating london

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Although dwarfed by the number of people from Poland in Britain – an estimated 529,000 – the figure represents a far more significant proportion of its overall population of Slovakia, which stands at around 5.4 million.Based on recent estimate from the Office for National Statistics, it also represents a sixfold increase in the Slovakian population in Britain since in 2004 when it was among eight eastern European countries admitted to the European Union.

Although recent months have seen a downward shift in unemployment in the country, recent figures show it remains almost double that in Britain at 13.9 per cent.

Relatively unexplored, the country has a rich heritage to tell of.

Protected by its better known neighbors including Austria and Hungary, Slovakia is a tourist delight.

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A Slovakian man has finally had surgery on his massively deformed nose after years of being treated like 'a clown.'Tibor's, 52, bulbous nose covered nearly half of his face.