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Who is beth shak dating

She’s been featured on Good Morning America, the Today Show, Millionaire Matchmaker and NY Ink.

With 10 live tournament cashes to her name, Beth is a formidable opponent.

The collection is indeed vast and includes 700 pairs of Louboutins, costing from 0 to ,000." On Tuesday Mr Shak, who runs SHK Asset Management in New York, dropped the lawsuit on the first day in court.

Mrs Shak now lives in a new home in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, which has two separate rooms to hold her shoes, both of which can only be entered using a numerical keypad.

But Shak, who is now dating 36-year-old policeman Ben Cook, said that her ex-husband's decision to take her to court amounts to harassment.

The Lawsuit The claim, could cost the mum of three about £225,000 (approx Rs 2 crore) in shoes, plus thousands more for her collection of designer handbags.

She’s played in the Playboy Poker tournament and appeared in a variety of TV shows, such as MTV’s Cribs.

For some women, designer shoes are like works of fine art.

With soles that can warm any fashionista’s soul, designer shoes are things to be cherished, nay, worshipped.

Laurent high heels, she said: "It really was a sickness, it was like a disease.

"There was such a lack of emotion and love in my relationship that I was filling that void with shopping. "I wanted love and emotional support and affection but there was nothing.

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A millionaire is suing his poker playing former wife for her £640,000 (approx Rs 5.6 crore) designer shoe collection, claiming that she hid them from him in their divorce settlement.

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