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You want a flat “toned” tummy but not a “ripped” six pack. So what does it really take to gain massive muscle definition? Here are some reasons why you don’t have to worry about getting “too bulky”. Our Bodies Are Different From One Another The first thing to know is that every human being’s body is not the same.

But as you formulate your fitness goals, must you worry about getting too big? For one, it is more difficult for women to build muscle in the same capacity that men do.

If you want bigger muscles, you’re told, you want to maximize sarcoplasmic hypertrophy, and you do that by training primarily in higher rep ranges.

And if you want stronger muscles, you want to maximize myofibrillar hypertrophy, which means emphasizing lower rep ranges.

One is “sarcoplasmic” growth and the other is “myofibrillar” growth.

Two, one woman’s body frame might be different than the woman next to her.

Sure, she was obviously fit, but check out the arms on one of her stunt doubles, Sophia Crawford.

But this is nothing new: ’70s Wonder Woman Lynda Carter wasn’t particularly buff, either. Tom Welling is pretty cut on Smallville (am I the only person shocked that that show is still on?

But for “bulky” muscle, it requires a strict and consistent resistance training routine with heavy weights.

With that in mind, a fitness regime of just cardio, calisthenics or even light weights will not result in heavy muscle build.

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Resistance can be created in different ways, with or without equipment.

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